Employees love it and it takes lots of off HR's plate. Learn how live chat is transforming employee relocation support and how MOVE Guides is leading the charge.


Live chat? We have probably all used it without noticing in the past. There has even been lots of press about live chat as of late. What is this miracle innovation and what does it do? Simply put, live chat is an online communications application designed specifically for providing assistance to site visitors in real time.

A visitor to a site stumbles upon a problem or has a question about a service. In some cases a live chat window appears as if by magic, prompted by analysis of the users activity on the site. At other times the user need only click on a small button to initiate a chat. Once initiated, a casual conversation can begin with the support professional at the other end of the line. It sounds easy – and it is.

What makes this better than any other support mechanism and why is it revolutionising relocation?

Global at Anytime
Movers are travelling. In most cases their moves take them across multiple time zones. Questions arise all the time, however in most traditional setups there are only limited hours that support can be contacted. With live chat this problem is eliminated. Questions can be posed at any time and support operators anywhere in the world can reply at a moments notice or when they are next available.

Running Records
The written nature of the communication medium allows a full transcript to be recorded for the benefit of both parties. Nothing falls through the cracks anymore. Tips can be saved, printed, and then acted upon.

Quality Responses
Because everything is online, support professionals can access a universe of accurate data at their fingertips and communicate that very accurately to movers. There are no more ambiguities, questions, or miscommunicated answers.


With benefits like these it’s no wonder that 80% of consumer facing companies have live chat functionality on their support areas - A figure that is not reflected in the world of employee relocation. This lack of live chat implementation in the relocation industry only forces the extra workload of supporting employees onto HR, an issue that we are happy to say we have solved at MOVE Guides.

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