This month, MOVE Guides partnered with London Tech Week to host an HR & technology panel discussion with Richard Peers, Global HR Director at GE, Andrew Knight, Director at PwC, Martin Veitch, Editorial Director for IDG Connect, and moderated by Brynne Herbert, CEO and Founder of MOVE Guides.

I was delighted to be the host of a thought-provoking and dynamic conversation about the most important HR technology trends that are driving innovation, and are enabling HR to play a much more strategic role in meeting the company’s business and talent objectives.


As Martin stated, “we are in the golden age of HR technology,” and there is no better time for HR to harness the power of technology as a competitive advantage to attract, retain and engage top talent from around the world.

Andrew argued that cloud as a concept has become standardized. Companies have bought into it as the status quo and no longer question if they should use cloud technology, rather which cloud system is available to them. This is because cloud offers visibility, transparency and user-friendly systems that enable much better accountability than ever before.

All panelists agreed that modern technology, like the cloud, can help shift the focus from managing processes and paperwork, to delivering an outstanding employee experience and meeting the talent objectives. This has allowed HR to become "human" once again, because it frees up time and resources for HR to think more about their employees and the people aspect of a company.

Martin also brought up the concept of the CHRO becoming the next CEO. Companies differentiate themselves with their people - Martin stated - so there is no reason why the next generation of CEOs wouldn't be the people that best understand how to recruit and keep top talent at their organization: HR.


The discussion ended with Brynne asking panellists what they believe to be the top predictions for HR technology in the next five years. These top predictions include:

  1. Predictive people analytics will become the norm on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Analytics will be turned into immediate actions to prevent vs. repair damage (e.g. employee planning to leave company).
  3. The cloud will enable mobile devices to be used a lot more for HR applications, so that the focus will shift from reactive performance management to proactive performance development.

Stay tuned for information on our upcoming events cross the USA, EMEA and APAC that explore top HR and talent mobility trends. And if you would like to learn more about how MOVE Guides can transform your talent mobility program, please email us here.

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