Everywhere you turn you’re reminded that tech companies are disrupting the world. In a “Grow Fast or Die Slow” culture, winning the global talent war depends on the ability to expand globally and scale quickly.

While growth is essential for all businesses, it is even more critical for the dynamic and hyper-competitive world of tech. For example, McKinsey's report “Grow Fast or Die Slow,” discussed how the standard rules for growth do not apply to the tech industry. “If a healthcare company grew at 20 percent annually, its managers and investors would be happy. If a software company grows at that rate, it has a 92 percent chance of ceasing to exist within a few years. Even if a software company is growing at 60 percent annually, its chances of becoming a multi billion-dollar giant are no better than a coin flip.”

The tech industry is a core segment of MOVE Guides' customer base – having successfully partnered with more than 30 of the world’s top tech companies.

Powered by our own proprietary technology platform, MOVE Guides offers a scalable solution that future proofs our rapidly growing tech customers. This ensures that HR and global mobility teams can support their ambitious growth plans, while providing the support and experience expected by their modern, tech-savvy workforce.

Ranging from a leading online transportation network to a world-renowned booking accommodation website, we have created a new document with customer stories about the experiences of our tech customers. Each story explores the key challenges before partnering with MOVE Guides and highlights the success stories behind our Talent Mobility Cloud platform, global supply chain and concierge-level support for employees. 

Click here to download a copy of MOVE Guides' Customer Stories.

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