Here at MOVE Guides we are seeing an ever-increasing trend in global mobility, with companies sending more employees than ever on short term, long term or permanent assignments. With increased globalization and more and more employees initiating moves themselves, it is vital that global mobility teams have effective mechanisms and processes in place for tracking the progress of employee moves.


Picture this: you are a team of three mobility specialists, and you have 600 transfers taking place this year. Has Eric booked his shipping yet? Will Carla’s visa be granted in time? Has Steve paid for his serviced apartment? Will Kate’s tax status change? Does Peter need help finding an apartment that allows pets? Will Sarah be able to get her bank account set up on her own?


The sheer volume of endlessly moving parts highlights the need for a simple, effective tool for ensuring employees are on track and no one slips through the cracks. Yet, for so many of the businesses we speak to, this tool is an excel spreadsheet that is emailed between departments, often leading to multiple versions and misunderstandings about who has responsibility for each employee.


With an ongoing debate about the merits of local versus regional versus centralized mobility functions, it is imperative that these issues be addressed to ensure assignments have the highest chance of success and failed assignments due to relocation issues are reduced.


Here at MOVE Guides we have an innovative solution that allows global mobility departments to track the status of each and every relocation with a simple color-coded dashboard, instantly highlighting potential problems. We recognize that your team may be spread across numerous offices, so we offer customized logins to ensure that local teams can track their own movers without trawling through spreadsheets, yet allowing the global manager a centralized oversight of the entire program. Get in touch today for a demo!

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