Peter Almasi, Lead Developer

As the first MOVE Guides employee, Peter played an essential role in turning Brynne’s innovative business idea into the architecture for MOVE Guides’ entire web application and security. All while studying for his Masters at UCL, Peter was in charge of developing MOVE Guides’ award-winning platform from the ground up.

Since first meeting Brynne and Steve back in 2012, he has witnessed the company evolve from presentations in an LBS classroom to angel investors to a best-in-class tech solution for MNCs around the world. Brynne, Steve and Peter operated in tandem for two years to bring their business ideas to life and launched the first tech-based solution for the global mobility industry, challenging the status quo of the global mobility marketplace.

Today, Peter operates as the lead developer for MOVE Guides and continues to play an integral part of MOVE Guides’ technological vision. He is responsible for ensuring the quality of MOVE Guides’ services and performs engineering ‘sprints’ every two weeks. With a dedicated engineering team, regular penetration testing and external data security certification, clients can rest assured that employee data is safe.

Another showcase of MOVE Guides’ culture of international talent, Peter grew up in Slovakia and moved to the UK where he received a BSc in Computer Science at the University of Sussex. During his studies, he also travelled abroad to Georgia Tech in Atlanta, USA.

After completing his BSc, Peter began working in London as a software developer and later switched to part time to begin his MSc in Information Security at UCL in London. This is also where Peter met Brynne and Steve and began their path to launching MOVE Guides. Peter currently lives in Prague, but visits the MOVE Guides team in London as much as possible.

MOVE Guides Questionnaire

What is your favorite pastime?

“I absolutely love snowboarding. I have snowboarded every year since I first started five years ago in South Carolina. I love trying out different places and this year I will be going back to Italy to snowboard.”

Favorite part of working for MOVE Guides?

“We have a great team at MOVE Guides. Everyone is really interesting and brings something different to the company. I also love the flexibility of working for a tech startup. Everyone participates and offers ideas on how to improve the service. There isn’t a hierarchy for ideas and people really listen to one another.”

Best memory from the first year working at MOVE Guides?

“My first memory was meeting Brynne and Steve in the LBS library. A few weeks from there, we had our first meetings with angel investors and I learned a tremendous amount from Brynne and Steve on how best to present our ideas and vision. It was extremely exciting for me to see how to build a tech startup from the absolute beginning.”

What advice do you have for tech startups?

"Tech security is rapidly evolving and companies need to do a much better job at safeguarding their systems. This is no longer something that can be an afterthought for best in class companies, but an important feature to be implemented on day one.”

How was living abroad in Atlanta, Georgia?

“I had a great time in Atlanta. I really loved the city and the people. The university campus was great and they provided students with endless facilities. I decided to go because my dean advised me to try it out because it was a reputable program that would spearhead my tech education.”

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