In January we welcomed Morgan to MOVE Guides as a MOVE Advocate based in our San Francisco office.


As a MOVE Advocate, Morgan is an expert in relocating employees. She serves as the single point of contact for relocating employees and their families, turning the complexities of relocation into a seamless and smooth transition. A large part of Morgan’s role is ensuring that the relocating employee understands the relocation timeline, process, and vendors they will work with. She resolves any hiccups that might occur along the way and is always available to answer any questions. Morgan has supported all employee levels and policy types, from lump sum to fully managed moves.

While excelling in such demanding job, Morgan also took on the honorary role of CFO (Chief Fun Officer), helping to shape MOVE Guides’ culture – and she is great at that too.

Prior to joining MOVE Guides Morgan leveraged her passion for the outdoors and helping others as an Environmental Sciences Instructor at the National Audubon Society. She has also worked with youth in Chile and urban locations.

Morgan is originally from Maine and graduated with honors from Bowdoin College in Maine with a degree in Latin American Studies. She is a collegiate soccer player, and has travelled extensively putting her knowledge of Spanish to good use while living in Spain. She is no stranger to moving, having done so 14 times before graduating from High School! 

What do you love about living in San Francisco?

"The thing I love most about San Francisco is how there is always something exciting going on in the city, yet it feels so relaxed. It is great to be able to work downtown with the hustle and bustle of the city, then hop on a bus and 20 minutes later you can be on the beach. The feeling here is very laid back. I like how diverse the different neighborhoods are. San Francisco has the city feel, but offers so much more than that. It has been amazing to take advantage of all the hiking and outdoor activities there are in the Bay Area, but still live in a major city."

What is your favorite destination you’ve travelled to?

"New Zealand is definitely my favorite travel destination. Having the opportunity to travel all throughout the country, becoming truly immersed in that culture and meeting the native people was such an incredible experience. I love how calm New Zealand can be, how incredibly beautiful the landscape is, and also how many adrenaline-pumping activities there are. It was an amazing adventure to be able to work on farms, hike stunning mountains, meet people from all over the world, and go horseback riding. Being able to bungee jump twice was certainly an incredible experience as well!"

What is something you miss about Maine?

"Besides the obvious answer of lobster rolls, I definitely miss Maine summers. Portland is certainly not a huge city, but it offers a lot. From the amazing local food, to the cute town on the ocean called ‘The Old Port’, it really is a unique place. Being able to go out on the water everyday, go to the beach, or hike in areas around Maine while growing up was an amazing experience."

What do you love about MOVE Guides?

"MOVE Guides has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me. What I enjoy the most is how much impact our company, and my role specifically, has on the employee who is moving. Moving is one of the top five most stressful things in someone’s life and making that process easy and streamlined is very gratifying. At MOVE Guides we’re redefining an industry and I’m proud to be a part of that.

Lastly I love being a part of the MOVE Guides culture and shaping the culture as we continue to rapidly grow. The people who I have met at MOVE Guides all have different and interesting backgrounds; it feels like everyone here genuinely has a passion for what they do."

What is your most memorable moment from playing soccer?

"During my junior year of college my team made it to the semi-finals and we were playing our archrivals, Amherst College. We had lost to them for the past 6 years straight and were very pumped up at the opportunity to play them. After a hard fought game, regular time and overtime ended with the score at 3-3 - causing us to have to go into penalty kicks.

This was one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking moments of my life. I went third out of our five penalty kicks. We all made our shots and ended up winning that game, finally defeating Amherst.  Standing on that line, waiting to take my kick, feeling an adrenaline rush when I saw my shot hitting the back of the net, and then storming the field after we finally won is a moment I will always remember."

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