Morgan Lockyer, MOVE Advocate

Joining the team in 2013, Morgan has grown with the company through every major milestone and has played a vital role in many different aspects of the business. Originally joining the team as an intern, today Morgan is a dedicated MOVE Advocate, supporting clients around the world through a delightful global mobility experience.

Our technology dramatically improves efficiencies and employee experience, but relocating is stressful, and human support is critical to a successful move. That is why we assign each employee with a dedicated MOVE Advocate. As a MOVE Advocate, Morgan supports employees through every step of the relocation experience. Kicking off every move with a friendly welcome call, Morgan supports employees via phone, email and live chat, offers employees true destination knowledge, and ensures every moving piece of their move, from pet relocation to school search, is handled without a glitch.

Originally from Massachusetts, Morgan graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelors of Arts. After graduating, she worked as a legal assistant at Crane & Co. for the General Counsel. Once in London she received her Master’s of Arts in Literature at Queen Mary University and also worked for a literary agency while completing her studies. When she isn’t in the office, she enjoys brushing up on her French, going to live shows, playing soccer and attending exhibits around London.

MOVE Guides Questionnaire

What is the best advice you ever received about moving to the UK?

“To go. I was debating whether or not I should pick up my life move to London for my Masters, and having my friends and family support this experience made my decision an easy one.”

What advice do you have to offer other expats?

"It is important to put yourself out there, so to speak, when you first move. Moving alone is really hard, and it’s important to take part in things that you wouldn’t otherwise do like joining clubs, sports teams and classes. I joined a soccer team when I first moved here and it was a way for me to get to know an entirely new group of people and the city itself, because we got to travel all over London.”

What do you love most about living in London?

“How easy it is to travel to other countries. It is something that’s difficult to take advantage of in the US. I’ve been to five different countries in the last year and hope to double that in the next year.”

Why do you love about being a MOVE Advocate?

“That you get to be a part of someone’s story when they move. Relocating can be one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life, especially if they have never been to the country they are moving to. Knowing that I can make their transition easier is a rewarding feeling.”

As an avid reader, what is your favourite book?

“There are too many to pick a favourite, but one that stands out for me in the last year is Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I have never read anything like it and many of its themes stayed with me long after reading it. I ended up passing it along to a number of colleagues who are as equally obsessed with reading.”

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