John Hilton, Strategic Sales Director in APAC

As the first member of our team to join the Hong Kong office, John Hilton plays an integral role at MOVE Guides as we take on the APAC region and expand as a global mobility partner for multinational companies around the world.

As the Strategic Sales Director at MOVE Guides, John will spearhead all business operations in APAC, educating prospective clients about our award-winning talent mobility cloud solution while supporting existing clients as they grow into the region. John is also responsible for setting up the APAC office and team, managing sales and increasing our reach in APAC.

Before working at MOVE Guides, John worked in a number of different sales and strategy positions for multiple financial technology firms in the Asia Pacific region. This included roles in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, having covered Greater China and South East Asia.

Growing up in a multilingual household (English and Italian), John always had a strong affinity for languages. This passion followed him at Hamilton College in upstate New York, where he majored in Chinese language with a minor in Economics. John became interested in Chinese when he decided to learn a different language and on a school run trip to Beijing, he completely fell in love with the country and culture. 12 years later and now fluent in Chinese, John enjoys the unique opportunity that conducting business in APAC has to offer.

When he isn’t in the office, John enjoys playing ice hockey and squash, hiking, traveling around the world and trying different types of cuisines. He currently lives on Star Street in Hong Kong with his fiancé.

MOVE Guides Questionnaire:

Why did you decide to live in Hong Kong?

“After living in Beijing for three years, I moved to Hong Kong for a job opportunity. It is such a great city to live in with so much to do. Hong Kong is a great mix between China and the West, with amazing opportunities for traveling.”

Fun fact about yourself?

“I learned how to ride a bike without training wheels at two years old.”

What advice do you have for new expats?

“Embrace the culture and city that you live in. Don’t expect to be able to fall into the same lifestyle and patterns you had in your old city. Take full advantage of the opportunities presented to you, learn the culture and always say yes!”

Any travel horror stories?

“My friends and I planned a surf trip to southern Taiwan only to be welcomed by a giant Typhoon. We were stuck in a surf shack waiting for the weather to pass with winds going a few hundred kilometres an hour. It was something out of a movie. Roofs were swaying, a ship washed up on shore, trees were uprooted on the beach and the bridge we drove over to get to our shack was completely demolished. After the storm passed, it actually turned to be a really fun couple of days.”

What three people would you want on your board of directors?

Warren Buffett because he understands how to analyse a company and make it valuable.

Richard Branson because he has built an empire by building disruptive companies in industries dominated by incumbents.

Michael Bloomberg because he built a company that literally revolutionized an industry and is so integral across the entire financial world.

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