Claire Beckenstein, PR Manager

As one of the newest members of our international team, Claire joins MOVE Guides as our first PR Manager. She is responsible for our media strategy, reporter relations, conference logistics, social media management, content marketing and blog curating. Always on the look out for the most interesting industry updates and thought leader opinions, Claire keeps the team aware of relevant news and hot topics about cutting edge trends in global mobility.

Before moving to London, Claire lived in Washington DC, America’s political hub, for five years. Beginning her career in Congress, Claire worked for Democratic Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy from New York as her Staff Assistant and then Legislative Correspondent managing all constituent mail correspondence. Working in Congress during President Obama’s first term was exciting and she considers the friendships that she made working on the Hill to be the highlight of that experience.

After working for Congress, Claire worked for Washington DC’s prestigious strategic communications firm, the Glover Park Group as the assistant to Dee Dee Myers—former White House press secretary for President Bill Clinton and the first woman and second youngest to fill that role. As Dee Dee’s assistant for three years, Claire managed all day-to-day needs, such as scheduling, client management, social media engagement and media preparations. While at the Glover Park Group, Claire’s client portfolio included companies ranging from global philanthropic organizations to National Geographic Channel TV world premieres and political engagements, such as former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords' organization "Americans for Responsible Solutions" and the University of Denver’s presidential debate.

In addition, Claire jump-started and managed the Glover Park Group’s women’s leadership speaking event series, She Said, She Said, coordinating speaking events with guests including Christy Turlington Burns, founder of Every Mother Counts; Barbara Bush, CEO and co-founder of Global Health Corps; and Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.

Growing up in New York State, Claire lived only 30 minutes from the heart of NYC, which is also where she developed her great love for city living. Claire graduated cum laude from New York University with a BA in Politics and Psychology. When she isn’t working, Claire loves to travel, is usually singing Broadway tunes (mainly Funny Girl or Wicked), and enjoys reading the latest in US politics and women’s issues. Claire currently lives in East London with her boyfriend.

MOVE Guides Questionnaire

Advice for expats:

“Living in a foreign country will teach you a lot about yourself, so be open to all new experiences. Meet new people, explore everything the city has to offer and step outside of your comfort zone. Something I have found in my travels is that people are genuinely kind and will always help you out if you get lost or need advice about their city.”

“Also, communicating with friends and families in different countries and time zones is going to be a challenge but it isn’t impossible. It is a commitment that you have to stick to so organize Skype dates to connect and never underestimate the value of a long thought out email."

Favorite memory working in Washington, DC:

"I left DC with a lot of amazing memories. A few big events that stick out are getting to attend one of President Obama’s State of the Union addresses. It was incredible to be in a room full of America’s most powerful leaders. Another exciting memory was when I worked with Dee Dee on our She Said, She Said series. We had so much fun organizing the events together, and I got to meet and hear from inspiring women leaders. Plus, Dee Dee was an amazing moderator and always made the interviews really fun, with lots of laughs.”

Fun fact:

“This is very random, but when I was six I sung at Madison Square Garden in honor of UNICEF’s 50th anniversary celebration. It was a song called Together by David Broza. I sang along with David and his kids, and I had the line 'any action, even a fraction can make a difference in the world.' I actually even remember little snippets of that day."

Favorite part of working for MOVE Guides:

“As an expat from New York living in London, I love working with a team of other expats with a wide range of skills. Not only does this allow our team to bring different perspectives to the table, our global makeup brings a unique value point to our product that no other global mobility company can offer. Also, every person at MOVE Guides is dedicated to their work and our product. It inspires me on a daily basis.”

Motto to live by:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.' It summarizes my view on life that one person has the power to make the world a better place.”

Claire Beckenstein

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