Steve Giles, Head of Engineering

If MOVE Guides was a city, Giles would be the train that keeps everything moving forward— in New York the subway, in London the underground or in Hong Kong the MTR. As the leader of engineering, he is responsible for the technical delivery and data security of our unique Talent Mobility Cloud. Always at the forefront of tech innovation, his unique skill-set and experiences keep our networks running smoothly, providing our clients with the best tech services available.

To quote Giles, he is a strong believer that the Geeks are taking over the world, which is why he is devoted to technical craftsmanship and usability, and is a regular at Silicon Roundabout meetups. Prior to joining MOVE Guides, Giles spent 10 years at OpenBet, one of the world‘s largest online gambling companies with public and private sector clients such as the Canadian province of Manitoba, Betfair and Ladbrokes. At OpenBet, Giles worked in roles spanning development, design, pre-sales and engineering management, and was on site for clients in several different cities, including Gibraltar and Tel Aviv.

Representing England as one of the few Brits working at MOVE Guides, Giles graduated with First Class Honours from Cardiff University with a degree in Computer Science. He spends his spare time participating in predictive modelling competitions on, exploring new music and playing the guitar and piano. He currently lives in Clapham with his fiancé Sallie.

MOVE Guide Questionnaire

Top tech trends to look out for:

“I see tech making a huge mark in the health industry, especially regarding wearable technology and real time data collection. All you need to do is walk down the street and you will see dozens of people wearing fitness and health tracking devices. This is starting a tech revolution in the health industry, providing real time access to electronic health records for doctors and hospitals around the world.”

Top tech innovators:

“Although it may be cliché, I would still say Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. I own everything Apple, as does most of our team at MOVE Guides. Jobs created an intuitive product that works well and is visually appealing.

Gates has been extremely successful at managing a business, attracting smart people to his company and has turned his earnings into a philanthropic organisation that saves millions of lives—what more could you ask for?”

Favourite thing about MOVE Guides:

“There is a lot of passion and enthusiasm around our product. We have only been around for two years and are already succeeding to do what others have failed to automate in years before. There is so much potential in our product and I only see it expanding from here.”

Favourite place to travel:

“Definitely Mexico. The food, culture, people and sun make it an incredible destination to travel.”

Motto to live by:

“Never ask why, ask why not?”

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