Gen Y are truly unique as workers in comparison to their predecessors, but how exactly has a lifetime of technological finesse and connectivity affected their attitudes in the workforce?

Perhaps the most surprising yet proven millennial perspective is the marginal role of financial benefits in a career. Research has shown that Gen Y is the most optimistic generation yet, and this optimism has paved the way for some unique expectations. Millennials are more likely to be more responsive to a company that aligns itself with their own behaviour and values, as opposed to one that provides numerous financial perks – something that would have been of great interest for Gen X or the baby boomers. And what are these values exactly? For the most part, collaboration and mobility.

Gen Y members believe in a collaborative management structure; rigid hierarchies have no place in the 21st century. Millennials believe in addressing the needs of the individual as a manager and in contributing ideas and opinions as an employee.

Mobility and flexibility in the workplace are also key. According to a recent study by, millennials respond to a decentralised work structure. 76 % of those asked admitted to feeling more responsive to a job description if telecommuting was a part of it, and 85% are more likely to stay in a job if mobile work is a regular opportunity.

It is the positive outlook and the can-do attitude that sets apart Gen Y from previous generations. They see possibilities in new areas, and money is no longer a driving force for employees. A heightened awareness that is inspired by technological ability has bred a generation of workers with innovative ideas and self-motivation – the possibilities seem to be endless.

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