Much of Gen Y moves frequently and associates with a global community. Learn how this will change your relocation policies and why MOVE Guides is an expert in this demographic.

Gen Y and Millennials have grown up with access to the world in ways their parents never had. Global virtual and physical networks mean that they are used to seeing different parts of the world, traveling, and seeking opportunities to take their first job abroad. This trend is growing quickly and the youngest (and fastest growing) part of the workforce will continue to seek out opportunities to live and work abroad.

What this means for companies is that traditional relocation policies are no longer relevant. Movers aren’t asking for or expecting a full-service relocation package because they want to be involved in their relocation process. They want to choose their shipping company and their serviced apartment from a network of vetted, reliable, and most importantly, peer reviewed providers. They want to work with Real Estate Agents who understand their demographic and who can help them find affordable housing in trendy locations. They want to see how they’re spending their lump sum, and be able to make the trade-offs that are important to them. They want a managed lump sum relocation program.

MOVE Guides is built by, and for, the Gen Y Glomads. Our platform uses the newest in mobility technology to provide HR and Employees with a seamless relocation experience. Get in touch and request a demo today!

Brynne Herbert

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Brynne Herbert

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By Brynne Herbert

Aug 19, 2013

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