Monday marked the annual FEM Totally Expat Show in London, with a great turn out from suppliers and HR professionals alike. With a host of seminars, panel discussions and exhibitors to choose from, there was no shortage of mobility takeaways from the day. Our Founder and CEO, Brynne Herbert presented on Generation Y and Global Mobility, and the ways in which this new generation want and expect to interact and plan their global career path.


Wrapping up with a few drinks and a prize ceremony for a variety of competitions, we reflected on the key themes and insights highlighted throughout the conference:


  • Bigger, better data - With growing mobility requirements for ever expanding businesses, it is more important than ever to ensure that expat movers are being initiated, monitored and tracked effectively. As HR teams review and rework policies, it is vital that data on progress, spend and interactions can be effectively captured, analyzed and implemented in subsequent policy reviews.
  • Talent mobility strategy - With increased globalization, developing a leadership team from within, capable of running such a global business requires planning and flexibility. As a result, the links between global mobility and talent management are strengthening, with business leaders taking a keen interest in how the two strategies complement each other and fit seamlessly into the overall business vision. Ensuring that the mobility function is a key player in candidate selection and wider business planning will be imperative to achieving global business goals.
  • Choosing the right provider - With the emergence of multiple types and levels of policies within the global mobility remit, be it managed moves or lump sums, making sure you work with the right provider is key to a successful mobility strategy. Ensuring that you can plan, initiate and track moves for expats in the way that suits your business needs will reduce the headache of coordinating multiple strategies and lead to less failed assignments, and choosing a supplier who can effectively support your expats will increase the success of the programme. Flexibility and the ability to tailor the service to your employee needs are key attributes of a useful tool, and the ability to access key metrics and data in real time is imperative.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the next event in New York in June; in case we missed you yesterday get in touch now for a demo or download our White Paper now!

Brynne Herbert

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Brynne Herbert

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