While a healthy pay packet is nice, learn why development is now the name of the game for many young employees.

A hallmark of the millennial generation is not only that they want it all, but they also want it yesterday! What do the changing expectations of graduates mean for companies recruiting today? A couple major changes are in order to snag the top talent.


Money is not Enough

Millennials may like instant gratification but they actually play the long game when it comes to career strategy. They are not only willing, but happy to balance pay against receiving interesting and fulfilling opportunities, and far more so than their predecessors. This is often tied to the chance to work abroad or across the country as an means for better career development, more experience and higher pay down the road. How does this impact you? Twenty-first century employers will need to reassess their offer packages in favor of giving new hires more lifestyle benefits and rewards in the form of opportunity over hard money.


The Need for Speed

Candidates not only care about a more balanced offer but they are also very conscious of timing. It should come as no surprise that the smartphone generation wants to know everything that is happening in a flash. Candidates potentially relocating for a job are looking for information on moving from the word “Hello” - an expectation recruiters need to be conscious of. Most individuals will have already begun researching and thinking about their potential new location before they even interview.

Millennials are all about being ahead of the curve, so anticipating their moves early is essential for winning them over. A lack of support between hiring and the start date can easily undo the effort and financial outlay of talent acquisition. Which companies currently take steps to protect their investment? 67% of Fortune 500 companies have some form of high-level support to maintain continuity in the recruitment/onboarding experience - a clear sign that support and success are not coincidental.


Supporting Gen Y

As candidates want more experience and cohesive onboarding from the organization, you may be left wondering how best to support this demographic. At MOVE Guides, we assist clients with shaping their relocation support from the word go. We will assist your recruiters in expertly guiding new hires to the MOVE Guides platform - freeing your team to focus on more important tasks than answering countless moving questions. We can also advise on how to shape your policy so that your employees get the experience and support they expect and you are enabled to control costs and admin.

Interested in learning how? Get in touch to discuss how MOVE Guides can help you build a millennial-friendly onboarding experience.


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