Gen Y is different than other generations and employers need to offer new forms of engagement and support to retain the best employees.

Every dinner party conversation about The Millennials inevitably involves frustration about constantly trying – and failing – to meet their changing needs in the workplace. Most employers think that repackaging their existing offerings will suffice, yet they are frustrated to find that turnover is still high and satisfaction scores are still low.

As Millennials ourselves, we know that the keys to engagement and retention are held in choice and ownership throughout our careers. We want control over our destiny, and flexibility with the paths we take to get there.

93% of employees want to work abroad at some point in their careers. As such, companies are catching on and offering mobility programs where employees will gain valuable personal and professional life experiences. Working in a new location provides people with the opportunity to demonstrate their change agility, expand their networks, and learn new hard and soft skills.

The big challenges companies face in redefining their mobility programs include knowing how much support to provide employees given the varying stages of their careers, having a vehicle through which to provide this support, and having a mechanism to track and manage employee spending.

At MOVE Guides, we believe the way to provide this support is through our policy consulting, managed lump sum, and e-Wallet programs.

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Brynne Herbert

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