NY, SF, LA, Boston or LA? Learn which is the best place for your American base and how MOVE Guides can help get your staff there.

There are many things companies need to consider when expanding into America. Tax rates vary across states and will affect your bottom line, and industries tend to gravitate towards certain cities. You want to pick a destination with the right mix of infrastructure and accessibility so your people can find affordable housing and get around without much hassle.

For example, industries like technology and venture capital are still hot in Silicon Valley but Boston is also a hub for VCs and many are moving there to take advantage of the talent coming out of universities and leveraging the east coast time zone. Traditional financial services operate out of New York, but did you know that many companies choose to base themselves in Connecticut because of the favorable corporate tax rates? And if you’re starting up in media, production or film, it might be worth considering a West Coast city like Los Angeles, where there’s a well-established network to lean on as you grow.

Whichever city you choose, your team will want an easy transition. Hours of individual web searches for temporary housing and distilling mounds of craigslist listings will hinder employee productivity and present questions no one is equipped to answer. People want reliable information so they can make informed decisions, and they want someone to keep them on track with what they need to do when they need to do it.

At MOVE Guides we know what it’s like to set up shop in a new city and we’ve designed a way to alleviate the stress! With our customized MOVEHub and dedicated MOVE Managers, your employees will have access to our network of over 80 trusted suppliers, live customer support, and all the information they need so they can decide how they want to MOVE – and you can have peace of mind that they will arrive on time and ready for success. Get in touch for a free demo and to learn more!

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