Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai or Sydney? Which should be your company's first APAC base? Learn how MOVE Guides can help you get there.

Opening an office abroad can be daunting – especially if you're planning on opening in a place where the culture and language seem particularly unfamiliar. If you're thinking about expanding into Asia, here are MOVE Guides top tips:

1) Pick a city that strategically matches the goals of your company. Do you need expats who can straddle cross-cultural lines with ease? Singapore. Thinking finance? Hong Kong. Each city you consider will have a unique makeup of specialties and people that will serve the business goals to varying degrees.

2) Think assets. What does your new location bring to the table? Special trade zones may help with shipping costs if your business deals in physical trade. Likewise, the human capital in a particular city might make it a winner. Building electronics? You want Tokyo's brain power.

3) Finally, who are you taking with you? Your new office will live or die by your team's ability to move and acclimate quickly. They need to be able to perform at full capacity in a place that may not be familiar in any way.

This is where MOVE Guides can help! From personal experience we know that employees do not tend to be at their best in a foreign place without the right support. Instead of working out new deals and office logistics, your workers will spend half the day trying to figure out their taxes or get a longterm lease on an apartment. MOVE Guides understands these problems and is here to help.

We can work with you to sculpt an appropriate lump sum policy and guide your employees through the process of managing and spending their relocation budgets. How long will each step take? What are the local conventions? How much does it cost? These are all questions we can answer to make the transition smooth.

Likewise, your team will be furnished with City Guides that will help them understand what their new city is like, how healthcare works, what the transportation system is and many other basic and essential components of their new location. We understand that setting up an office abroad has many moving parts the require careful attention and top performance from everyone to make it work. MOVE Guides is here to support your employees so that they can successfully support the growth of your business.

So what's most important in picking your new city? 1) Finding the city that fits your goals 2) with assets that maximize the opportunity and 3) supporting your people correctly so that they can make the new venture a success.


Tempted to make moving easier? Get in touch today for a demo. We'd love to show you just how easy it is to plan an international relocation.

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