High-growth startups have a lot to worry about and relocation should not be one of them. Learn how MOVE Guides' recruiting solution can help attract the best talent and get them to work asap.

Life in the startup world moves fast; priorities change daily, people's roles expand by the hour and administrative tasks multiply. In the midst of all the chaos, high growth startups are often hiring for multiple new roles each week, vying for the best and brightest talent on offer to help build their business and scale globally. With an ongoing talent shortage, companies are looking further afield to secure the best candidates to fill their roles, be it across the state, country or even the world.

Having accepted an offer, many candidates then have to relocate to take up their new role, but employees at startups have so much to do that they are forced to move on to the next task once the offer has been accepted, without properly considering how to effectively onboard their new colleague. With significant time, money and enthusiasm invested in order to hire well, it is vital that a new employee's first impression of the company upon acceptance is not marred by a lack of support as they prepare to start work.

Moving to a new city or country can be daunting, and with so many details to consider and tasks to plan, candidates require straightforward, specific and useful information and answers to their questions. More often than not, new employees will reach out to their hiring manager or HR contact with their relocation questions. With such a huge workload and fast paced environment, the ball can get dropped on this seemingly mundane aspect of the recruitment process, leaving the hiring team exasperated with answering the minutia of how to get set up in their city, and candidates frustrated with the lack of support they are receiving as they plan to join this great new company.

Here at MOVE Guides we help companies to make sure their new hires hit the ground running, with hyper-local city guides and move planning checklists to ensure that your employees receive the answers and support they need to onboard smoothly, stay on track and get stuck into their new roles. New employees get the assistance they require, and the existing startup team can get on with tackling their mammoth to do list without distraction - it's a win win.

Make sure your new hires are supported as they approach day one - get in touch today to learn how MOVE Guides can help.



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