Of all the companies in the world, tech companies should offer the most cutting edge employee relocation technology. Learn how MOVE Guides can help you support your employees with new technology.


As a tech company, you know the importance of engaging your users with innovative technology, a clean user experience and useful content. With such an appealing product, it is no surprise that potential employees are clamouring to be hired by you, from interns and new grads right through to experienced hires. You know the importance of making a good impression from the start of the hiring process right through to the day they start work.


Why, then, do so many tech companies make the mistake of abandoning their new employees during their relocation phase? Having wooed them, won them, and convinced them to cross the state, country or world for a role with you, don't leave your new employees to fend for themselves, risking a poor experience and therefore a tainted experience before they even make it to their first day in the office.


With the ever-increasing focus on cost control, many companies are unwilling to bear the costs of traditional relocation providers, and are turning to lump sum relocation payments to assist employees with the costs associated with their moves. Although this addresses cost containment and gives employees comfort that they will not be out of pocket, without supporting them through the process, you risk your new hires and transfers feeling abandoned by your great company just when they need you the most.


Furthermore, given the traditional, largely offline relocation industry, the impressive reputation for innovation and employee experience you have worked so hard to build to appeal to tech-savvy employees can be dented by the laborious, dated process. Here at MOVE Guides we take our technology seriously, and our innovative platform takes the pain out of relocation by combining the best of the consumer experience with our step by step move support.


Do your employees a favour and make sure their relocation experience doesn't let them down, with a managed lump sum experience designed for and by tech-savvy employees. Get in touch today to learn how you can update your relocation policy and see a demo!

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