Companies are increasingly hiring from global talent pools, meaning continued growth in long distance moves for new hires. Learn how MOVE Guides supports this demographic.


We live in an increasingly globalized world, with mass connectivity and a generation born in an era of frequent international travel and global interaction via social media. According to our research, 93% of Gen Y participants want to live and work abroad, and indeed many expect this to be a requirement in order to further their careers.


Within this context, if companies are to prosper and increase their global reach, it is essential that people as well as products can cross borders quickly, efficiently and easily. A mobile talent pool is an essential part of a successful global business and the ability to transfer skills across borders and draw from a larger talent pool is growing in importance.


According to Mercer’s 2020 reporting there is a clear mismatch between what’s in demand and what is available, with respect to talent. As part of their 2012 survey results from 700 US and EMEA companies, 45% of respondents expected an increase in the number of locally hired foreigners in 2012 and 2013. This increase in cross border hiring, be it long distance, within Europe or from the US to Canada, is a common theme we hear from our clients here at MOVE Guides, with more and more increasing the number of cross border hires as a percentage of their overall recruitment.


These cross border ‘local’ hires present an interesting challenge for mobility teams, in that they will ultimately be granted a local contract and given local benefits, however they still need assistance and support with their initial relocation, meaning that they fall under both the recruitment and mobility banner. Inevitably the dual label often leads to confusion, and shared responsibility for the employee can mean that they fall through the cracks in terms of relocation support.


Companies are recognizing this dilemma and increasingly streamlining their mobility management and support in order to integrate mobility with recruitment, ensuring successful transitions and onboarding for new hires as well as transfer employees, reducing the number of failed assignments and new hires.


At MOVE Guides we recognize these potential issues and help companies to ensure that their new hires receive the appropriate relocation support they require. Our customized portal enables Global Mobility and HR teams to offer assistance from offer stage through to onboarding, with the ability to track an individual from candidate stage through to local employee, improving not only the data flow and process for HR, but the employee experience and transition.


Our expert city guides assist candidates to familiarize themselves with their new city before they move, and can act as a valuable recruitment tool when a candidate is weighing up their options, and our custom MOVEHub ensures that candidates feel comfortable with the relocation package and support they will receive ahead of time. The combination of our HR dashboards driven by real time employee data, and dedicated support from MOVE Managers means that we are well placed to help you manage the transition for your cross border hires.


Get in touch today for a demo to understand how MOVE Guides can help you to support your cross border employees and give them the support they need!


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