Moving is difficult and great content can be the key to employees settling into a new location quickly. Learn how MOVE Guides works carefully on each of its city guides.

By 2025, Generation Y will make up 75% of the global workforce, with members of this generation possessing distinctly different traits and motivations than those before them.

So how can organizations prepare for the imminent dominance of Gen Y?

MOVE Guides believe there are three main opportunities that must be realized by HR and global mobility teams. Firstly, recognise and comprehend this booming global trend. In doing so, offer this generation of employees compelling digital solutions. And finally, service this workforce as you would service your consumers.

As Gen Y continues to take hold, global mobility departments are increasingly being called on to offer their worldly and mobile employees a service that is innovative, consumer focused and accessible on demand.

The value of employee experience before, during and after an international relocation is critical to the success of a global assignment. MOVE Guides offer City Guides that help to acclimatize employees to a city before they arrive, offering them curated, useful and accurate information.

MOVE Guides' City Guides help employees to plan and budget for their move and provide assignees with useful information about their new city, helping alleviate questions that are typically allocated to mobility teams.

We bring together the best city knowledge into handy guides, catered to the needs of expats settling into a new city abroad. Specifically targeted at those relocating, our City Guides offer insider tips helping employees to plan their move, pick their neighborhood and get acclimated when new to town.

Our cloud-based MOVEHub offers information that is available on-demand, making it accessible and easy to use. Our customer service team is available by email, phone and live chat to answer all move related questions and provide the guidance that employees need and deserve.

We’ve been working hard to reduce costs for companies and increase relocation support for individuals. Offer your employees autonomy, transparency and choice!

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MOVE Guides

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  • Customized planning hub
  • Comprehensive city guides
  • Co-branded for your company
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