MOVE Guides kicked off an exciting fall conference season last week at HR Tech Expo in Las Vegas and Worldwide ERC in Chicago. As the only cloud-based solution for global mobility to exhibit at both conferences, we had many enthusiastic attendees stop by our booths to meet the team and learn about our market-defining Talent Mobility Cloud. Our team meet with many HR professionals who were thrilled to demo a technology solution that addressed all of their major global mobility pain points, replacing traditional incumbents at just a fraction of the cost! See below for fun photos and key takeaways from our travels.


(Brynne Herbert, CEO and Founder starting the day off at our HR Tech Booth)

At HR Tech, our VP of Engineering, Steve Giles attended key industry workshops and observed two major themes evolving in HR Tech: the "Object Model" and "Big Data/Analytics."


One of the biggest pain points for HR managers relates to the Object Model, which Workday famously uses "to define both the structure of applications (classes, relationships, and attributes) as well as the logic of applications (methods)." When it comes to collecting employee data, there will always be a fixed set of information required during on-boarding but each department may also require unique information that HR should be able to easily store or edit without asking for a change request or any coding requirements.

An important tool for HR efficiency, several thought-leaders at the conference reiterated this notion about the Object Model stating "If I want to store someone's shoe size, it should be as simple as typing it in." A big supporter of this theme is panelist and renowned HR Tech thought-leader, Naomi Bloom. For more information, check out this recent video of Naomi sharing her Object Model views on Workday's blog.


(Workday's booth at HR Tech)


A hot buzz word at HR Tech, companies around the world are looking for ways to leverage their employee data to improve business processes. According to recent research by Deloitte, "more than 60% of companies are now investing in BigData and analytics tools to help make their HR departments more data-driven."

The most interesting takeaway from HR Tech is how companies are looking to harness big data as a predictive tool, specifically around performance reviews, flight risks and employee performance. MOVE Guides is excited to explore this emerging tech trend and apply it to an ever-expanding global mobility industry.


(The entrance area of HR Tech)

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