Whether moving a consulting team, founding office team or hiring interns, learn how MOVE Guides can reduce your costs and improve your employees' experience.

Inevitably the moves that cost the most are the short assignments where the layout of cash doesn't buy a permanent relocation. Right? You may cringe at the thought of spending heavily on your summer interns relocating for the position and so you should. But investing in short-term assignments is not altogether burdensome if done correctly.

Supporting your employees – both future and present – can be done effectively by using lump sums. It is the best of both worlds: less hands-on and costly for the company and your employees have more control and knowledge of what's happening with their moves.

Lump sums may make the process of relocating employees easier, but how do they also make the short assignment expense worthwhile? For interns, they are a great first impression of your company: in tune with the changing needs of movers and in line with what they want and need by way of support. Your intern may love the job, but if their summer was miserable due to moving or housing problems, they are highly unlikely to come back after graduation. Giving them support that is intuitive for their Gen-Y lifestyle is a great step towards ensuring their relocation success.

For individuals or teams on secondments, lumps sums give them the flexibility to personalize their relocation and plan it at the pace they prefer. Many people find moving an anxious experience and are eager to sort out everything right away.

Furthermore, individuals going abroad to join a different office or start a new one will benefit from the hands-on nature of planning their own moves. It is not for nothing that the adage “learn by doing” is such a popular saying. Your staffers will appreciate the experience when they realize how much they understand about their new business culture from immersing themselves in their new location.

You may hate the thought of a big outlay of cost when you're sending people on a short assignment but that cost can be reduced and made worthwhile. If your interns come back as graduates, your team on a project can jump right into it and operate at full capacity and your employees opening a new office are comfortable with the culture and business practices of the new locale, you have put a policy in place that has been a major home run. No cringing necessary, the cost was kept down and justified.

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