Societe Generale leverages MOVE Guides’ international experience and innovative technology to simplify work moves to the UK.


Partnering with MOVE Guides has enabled Societe Generale to manage their full mobility program more efficiently, and improve the relocation experience for new hires and employees transferring to the UK from their Paris headquarters and financial centers around the world. 

The Company

Established in 1864, Societe Generale is one of the oldest French banks. Today, it’s ranked among Europe’s largest financial services organizations with 148,300 employees specializing in retail, corporate, investment and private banking, as well as financial services, insurance and asset management. It serves 32 million customers in 76 locations worldwide. 

The Challenge

There was no visibility of total move costs under the services of the large, global relocation vendor Societe Generale was using. HR and financial processes were manual and costs weren’t centralized, resulting in complicated internal recharging, invoicing and expenses.

Extracting management information from numerous sources and compiling reports from manually updated Microsoft Excel spreadsheets was time consuming and inefficient.

A standard relocation and settling-in service, based on telephone and email communication, was suitable for traditional expatriates wanting a personalized service, but didn’t address demands from self-sufficient individuals who wanted flexibility in how they organized themselves and expected access to online information regarding their move and new location.

Also, there was no support available to resolve practical issues arising during an assignment or for local transfers and trainees outside the standard expatriate package. 


The Solution

Other top-tier relocation firms had similar offerings to the incumbent supplier. Only MOVE Guides was able to address Societe Generale’s issues through its cloud-based Talent Mobility Cloud, which provides a platform to automate and centralize relocation processes for HR, finance and employees. MOVE Guides configured Societe Generale’s polices and processes into the system, creating a service tailored to the company’s needs. 

MOVE Guides offered company-standard forms and reports to minimize input errors, reduce the number of sign-off/review stages and ensure reports are compatible with existing HR, payroll and finance systems. With no servers or other IT infrastructure needed, the system was operational in just three months.


·  The company’s International Mobility (IM) team members use the system on a daily basis to initiate employee moves, share policy information with relocating individuals, pull management reports on moves, and to complete regulatory processes. Inputting initiation forms for estate agents, shipping companies and other vendors and entering invoices into financial systems are now automated processes and the team no longer has to review forms for accuracy.

·  The Finance team processes one monthly consolidated account of expatriate costs using a report that automatically allocates costs to individual cost centers. Internal business partners can view the progress of their department’s moves and see costs and other information for their business lines without relying on the IM team to create reports from Excel spreadsheets.

·  Employees have a single source of information on their new cities and can track their moves from beginning to end, instead of relying on phone and email with multiple contacts for shipping and finding homes and schools. Integrating tasks like providing bank details to HR and submitting medical insurance form has significantly reduced email traffic.


The Results

Streamlined Processes: Significantly less time dealing with relocation vendors queries as everything is configured into the system, including policy rules, areas for exception, limit of exception and so on.

Consolidated Reporting: Reduced time compiling management and reporting information. 

Enhanced Relocation Experience: For employees on traditional expatriate packages and those not currently supported such as internal transfers and trainees.


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