As a cloud-based talent mobility platform, we listen closely to client and employee needs, and launch new features every two weeks. One of our latest new features is 'Travel Booking', which lets employees easily book travel through MOVE Guides. Travel is an important part of any relocation -- whether moving to a new job as a new hire, moving permanently as an employee transfer or moving for a fixed period assignment. For certain policy types, companies often work with corporate travel agents to arrange employee travel, but with many policy types, employees are given an allowance to book their own travel. Our Travel Booking feature is conveniently integrated with the MOVE Hub, making it easy for employees to book their flight from anywhere.

Travel Booking works through an integration with Edinburgh-based Skyscanner. With offices in Edinburgh, Singapore, Miami, Beijing and Barcelona, Skyscanner is known as the number one flight booking site in Europe, and one of the most widely used worldwide. The integration allows your employees to search across all airlines on given routes, easily locating the best fares and routing for them. The links to an employees MOVE Hub ensures that employees know exactly when to book their flight in their full move plan.

For companies with corporate travel agents or departments, you can still configure the MOVE Hub to integrate with either of these. For these policy types, we can configure the employee experience without Travel Booking. As with everything at MOVE Guides, you can manage all of your relocation benefits and policies from a single platform.

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