Last week, MOVE Guides' CEO and founder, Brynne Herbert, spoke at the 2015 Bay Area Mobility Management (BAMM) Conference on disrupting the global mobility industry. She joined fellow global mobility experts, Dave Marron from NuCompass Mobility, Susan Gelinas and Laura from Lululemon and Elena Mosko from Globiana on a panel session to discuss the evolution of the talent mobility industry and how companies are adapting to major trends. Below are the top industry trends discussed and how MOVE Guides is redefining the global movement of talent for companies around the world.


Policy Development

  • Better flexibility to tailor policies by employee, role and move type
  • Empower employees with the option to define their preferences and choose from a wide range of vetted vendors

Cost Control

  • Easy to access, real-time analytics, reporting and estimates on move costs
  • Automation of HR workflow saving hours consolidating emails and spreadsheets


  • Shift away from legacy mobility policies as companies increase global mobility programs
  • Cloud technology enables 24/7 access to information from anywhere and from any device

Business Alignment

  • Better workflow processes and efficiencies using one single hub as a point of contact for all stakeholders
  • Easy global compliance with visibility of all transactions in one place

Support Delivery

  • Dedicated local support from MOVE Advocates who handle all aspects of the move
  • 24/7 availability through every step of a move

Exception and Escalation Handling

  • Direct communication channels between employees, HR and vendors
  • Better transparency from vendors with complete vendor configuration and monitoring

Talent Management

  • Authorize and track the progress of the move in real-time
  • Improved employee satisfaction which results in talent retention and engagement
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