Immigrants found a disproportionate number of new businesses, contributing greatly to economies. Learn why this is the case and how MOVE Guides can help you to hire new people to join your company.

It has been statistically proven that the prospect of global mobility and a flexible relocation package is becoming more and more vital in attracting talent, but what sets apart the expat from the native when it comes to innovation? Is mobility really worth the investment? For the expat generation of millennials, the answer is yes.

According to a recent study conducted in the United States by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the most prominent characteristic that sets apart immigrants from natives is entrepreneurial innovation. The globally mobile expat is more likely to possess desirable knowledge in their chosen niche – coupled with a fresh international perspective; this makes expats more likely to excel at entrepreneurship. The proof of this is in the statistics. The study also revealed that immigrants are far more likely to establish a start-up with ten or more employees than their native counterparts.

In an increasingly borderless world, it seems that innovation follows the glomads of Generation Y. Mobility and economic growth are becoming increasingly connected, and at MOVE Guides, we have the resources to keep companies in the loop. Our flexible and self-managed relocation strategy can ensure that companies are attracting and benefitting from the most cutting edge talent: innovation is now globally mobile.


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