I am sitting on the train returning to London and looking back at the past 48 hours in Paris at the HR Tech World Congress. It was my first HR Tech conference and I am glad I could be there. 


First of all, it provided the environment for a great team building event, as I could get together with my colleagues from sales, marketing, and engineering and really brainstorm on the HR industry pain points and how – in our remit – we can help solve them.

Secondarily, we could validate what we see as the most recurring themes in HR right now: analytics and social. Yes, these may sound overrated but every HR practitioner I talked to in the past two days feels there is an untapped opportunity and it’s time to embrace change and technology so that the HR function can become a leader, instead of a follower.

We also managed to attend Richard Branson’s keynote and panel with a new generation of CEOs – featuring “unicorn” entrepreneurs from Prezi, BlaBlaCar and Hootsuite. I was impressed by Richard’s authenticity and simplicity in sharing his key takeaways to build a successful business:

- Make your company a place where everybody gets excited about Monday morning: your colleagues may not be your family, but you can try and get as close to that as you can.

- Give your employees flexibility to perform beyond the 9 to 5 window: work-life balance is about enjoying your job and being able to combine it harmoniously with your private life.

- Allow everybody to bring their wacky self to work (I am quoting my former Box family here): you are supposed to invest all you energies in being great at what you do, not in complying to a corporate dress code.

At the end, we spend the majority of our adult life working, so why not making it an enjoyable and fulfilling experience?

Back at the MOVE Guides booth, it was fascinating to discuss with talent, recruitment, HRIS and mobility practitioners about the increasing role of international relocation to attract and retain talent in the 21st century. Now more than ever, employees expect to move to other countries as they start or develop their career. However, those experts confirmed that relocation is still a highly manual and painful process, which is shocking yet exciting for us as we are dedicated to make mobility a better place, and turn it into a competitive advantage for companies of any size and shape.

It was an intense couple of days but I am feeling energized - thinking about the great team I have the luck to work with, and the opportunity to transform an industry that so badly needs a breath of fresh air.

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