After a whirlwind couple of weeks in the US seeing our accounts and preparing to launch a host of new cities, we’re pleased to now be back in London and share our thoughts from February’s Worldwide ERC 2013 Global Workforce Summit. The topic of this year’s conference was “Talent Mobility in EMEA” --- a key topic for organisations in today’s global world. Below we share three future trends discussed at the Summit.

1. Technology – HR and global mobility technology continues to feature prominently on the radar of organisations. At the Summit, Robby Wogan from MoveAssist spoke about the need to introduce more technology into the global mobility supply chain to reduce costs and streamline admin for diverse global suppliers. We at MOVE Guides believe technology is critical not only to supply chain management, but also to global mobility management, employee experience and talent retention. Over the next few years, we will continue to see new technologies changing the global mobility space. As a global mobility professional mentioned to me at the Summit, “At the moment, there is a lot of talk about the need for better technology, but not many solutions.” At MOVE Guides, we’re building one of those solutions.

2. Managed Lump Sums – There continues to be ongoing discussion about how to support and adopt a managed lump sum policy. Procurement will continue to put pressure on costs, however global mobility professionals noted concern about how to ensure sufficient support for lump employees and sufficient oversight for HR. In the session “The Evolution of Technology and It’s Impact on Improving Effectiveness and Appeal of Lump Sum Policy” (a mouthful of a title!), we discussed the growing use of managed lump sum policy for Gen Y and how organisations can best support this demographic. At MOVE Guides, we believe that both innovative technology and an intimate understanding of the employee hassles (ideally from having experienced them oneself!) are critical to crafting a solution to support Gen Y for managed lump sum moves.

3. Africa – Africa continues to be a key growth area for many organizations and as such, we can expect a growth in assignment populations to the region. This week’s Economistnoted that ‘Africa is now the world’s fastest-growing continent with GDP expected to grow by 6% a year over the next decade.’ We will see increasing FDI into the continent and a correlating increase in investment in global mobility solutions for Africa moves. Many of this year’s delegates mentioned Africa as a growing focal point in their organizations --- posing the question as to whether most of the developed world (US, Europe, Asia) will move to a managed lump sum world, while resources move to develop high-touch assignment policies for emerging Africa.

As a final note, I would like to highlight the great work that Worldwide ERC is doing for global mobility. The ever-charismatic Peggy Smith highlighted the organisations future goals and I think we all can be grateful for their contribution to talent management and mobility.

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