In less than three years, MOVE Guides has created a market defining cloud technology, transforming the way companies move talent around the world. This has been made possible through our highly configurable Talent Mobility CloudTM technology, which is helping HR automate much of the manual work around mobility and focus on driving the strategic talent agenda within the organization.

2015 will be a year of growth and scale for MOVE Guides’ Talent Mobility CloudTM. We invested heavily to grow our product and engineering team by 400% in 2014, and 2015, we will focus on expanding our API’s and integrations and providing clients with new and improved features, such as expense, workflow, estimation modules and much more.

Also important to our product roadmap is listening to feedback from our global clients to continuously improve our technology for an excellent experience for relocating employees and global mobility teams. Below, I have highlighted three key technology themes that are influencing our product roadmap for 2015 and beyond.

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Key Themes for 2015:

1) Deeper integrations between systems: The last few years have finally seen deep, yet simple, systems integrations that seamlessly share the right information at the right time. At MOVE Guides, we understand the value of using APIs to share information, streamline processes and avoid having to export data to Excel to move between platforms.

Our belief is that your mobility platform should easily connect to existing systems to automatically set up relocation support for moving employees. We have invested heavily in APIs to support deep integrations and will continue to do so throughout 2015 and beyond.

2) Powerful analytics: Every organization is focused on using data to drive better decision-making – from finance to operations. Global mobility teams often struggle to get access to real time information on their programs – from actual costs to the locations of staff. This is because data has lived in numerous systems, spreadsheets and emails.

We believe in the power of data and by combining information from HRIS, vendors, mobility and relocating employees. Using theTalent Mobility CloudTM, organizations finally have information at their fingertips, 24x7. 2015 will see us expanding our reporting and analytics suite as we strive to deliver even deeper insights.

3) Highly configurable platform: No two mobility programs are the same. Each organization has different cultures, policies and objectives for their relocating staff and any solution needs to take these differences into account. All too often, we see companies struggling to get their vendors and systems working in the way they need or expect, which creates inefficiencies and risk.

We’ve focused on building a highly configurable platform that is flexible enough to meet the needs of your organization and every new feature that we deliver is built with this in mind. Whether it is nuanced policies, cost estimates or assignment letters, our solutions are built to be configurable for each client.

We are seeing each of the above themes across the technology space. Box’s recently successful IPO, Workday’s continued growth and SAP’s acquisition of Concur all support the growing customer demands for integration, analytics and configurability. At MOVE Guides, we are excited where the broader technology space is heading and are thrilled to be helping deliver innovation to our clients. 2014 was an exciting year, and 2015 has even more in store.

Steve Black

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Steve Black

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